Sunday, March 4, 2012

Of Cups and Spoons and Pretty Balloons

[There are no balloons actually mentioned in this post but When I wrote "Of cups and spoons" I couldn't bring myself to just stop there or not use a rhyming word!!!]

I didn't update last week because Emily was ill throughout it and very simply, other than tell you about tooth #6 that showed up on the 19th Feb and the several times she was sick, there wasn't much to update about. Any development seemed to be put on hold while we cuddled and worked on getting better :)

Unfortunately the week ended as badly as it started and it involved Emily's first ride in an ambulance (mine too) as Daddy was away and I was in no state to drive her to A&E when her fever spiked and things got ugly. I won't go into it again, it's all here if you want to read about it.

Some pictures from last week...

This was moments before the vomiting began. No one would've guessed it.

I specifically took that pic because that is her latest "oh I'm so cute" thing. If she thinks she's done something cute, she'll laugh and do that, very often with her head slightly cocked to the side too :)

Just hours later, about 5 sleepsuits later, I was trying to show her how to vomit into a bucket.
No harm in trying to reduce the cleaning, right?!

It wasn't very successful, but hey we tried!!

Most of Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd Feb looked like this....

Then I decided to risk it and give her a banana, and then we got a smile!

And we had energy to play!

And on Thursday we even stepped out of nightwear!!

Then came Friday and she woke up with fever and you could tell as she was a bit pale and generally looked unwell again...

And here we are in the A&E waiting room, she was still in just a nappy and blanket at this point but fever was finally coming down.

Needless to say, that week of unwellness sent any mealtime progress into a downward spiral. Things are finally getting back to where we left off before she got sick but there's still some way to go.

Her naps have changed too. We are aware of an ongoing growth spurt* - we moved her into size 5 nappies at the start of Feb and she is now in size 6, I didn't even bother with 5+!! - so that would explain a lot of things. Lots of long naps lately but nights have been good and very settled so Mummy & Daddy are happy chappies.

* Look at that very first pic, of her in the pink striped sleepsuit. That sleepsuit no longer fits her.

This week saw her 13 month jabs. Again, another possible contributor to her long naps. At this point, there is just so much overlapping, I don't know what to put down to what. I'm just letting it all do its thing and as long as she's happy, I'm happy. Which she is.

She is being extremely affectionate recently. She will now actively throw kisses and sometimes she'll give a hug when asked, though that's not very consistent yet.

She has just today gotten into a strange licking thing. The sofa, my knees, her feet!!

In fact...


You may remember me mentioning 2 weeks ago that she will tentatively hold her own milk bottle. Well any hesitation is now gone. When I put that bottle in front of her every morning, she knows what to do with it and she'll hold it up for the entire 9oz until she's drained it. Clever girl.

She is also now desperate to drink out of an open cup. I had little choice in this one, she kept grabbing at mine, so I decided to let her try her plastic cup. I poured a tiny amount of milk into it and helped her hands around it and held on to the base to ensure she doesn't tip it over.

She does really well too but every now and then forgets/doesn't realise the difference between an open and closed cup and tilts it right up as she would do her beaker and all the milk floods her face.

She will calmly lower the cup, with a slightly perplexed look on her face and tell me "uh-oh!"


She has, this week, fed herself a few small spoonfuls of yoghurt and we are still practising eating with a fork :)


Now that she'll let me take away her dummy (she only ever uses her dummy to sleep, but when she's unwell she clings to it for comfort, and I don't have a problem with it. It means she's happier and less moany and it all just works), we are once again hearing her voice.

And it seems like she's trying to make up for lost time. LOTS of babbling and seemingly deep conversations with herself!

She is also imitating longer sounds. Both David and I heard her say "go play" this weekend. She is also trying to say "come", "shoe", and "down" (which she knows is the opposite of "up").

"uh-oh" has become a regular expression. She will now purposely drop things just to be able to say it ;)

Future drummer?

I've recently had to give up one of my magazines. She just loves turning the pages and looking at pictures. It's not even in as bad a state as you'd imagine either and she's had it about a week now!

Dreary day today and we now all have colds. Ugh.
But don't you just love her teeny dressing gown? :)

Back next week! xoxo


  1. What a lovely update, and your week was certainly full of events! X

    1. Thank you honey. This little one keeps things interesting even when it's a quiet week! xx